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My Bookshelf

I am a bit of a book fiend. They take a lion share of my budget second only to food. Here I review some of my favourites as well as some popular titles my clients are reading.

The Third Plate
by Dan Barber


This is definetly one of my favourite books of all time. A feast for the senses.

Dan Barber, co-owner and executive chef of Blue Hill andBlue Hill at Stone Barns farm and restaurant, takes you on a journey through time and techique. He explores and elevates the idea of farm to plate cuisine. I loved the respect given to both plant and animal as well as to the earth and our earthy bodies. 

Topics include everything from sustainable farming, real wheat, happy pigs and one utter butter to name a few.

Wheat Belly​

I read this book because I wanted to know what my clients were reading. Although I agree with William Davis on much of what he has to say about the manipulated wheat of our current era, much of it I found a bit oversimplified and preachy. I don't think it is the whole story. I am trepidations of any campaign that promotes a one size fits all cure. I did not like that a clear distinction was not made between the difference between whole grains and whole grain flour products. To me there is a big difference. I am a huge fan of whole grains and there are many to choose from outside the wheat category. In some ways it was just another low carbohydrate diet. However, I do think most people could benefit from removing or decreasing the amount of wheat or flour of any kind form their diets.

The cookbook associated with this book is definitely not something I would recommend. Too many processed ingredients used to replace wheat for my liking. 

Reading Now
Check back soon, as more titles will be added.


At Home in the Whole Foods Kitchen by Amy Chaplin

Beautiful. Informative. Yummy.

It is not very often that I come across a cookbook that takes quality, digestibility and food integrety in to acccount. 

It has beautiful photographs and well written recipes. I have  put some to the test and so far I am not disappointed.



Naked Foods Cookbook
by Margaret Floyd​

Finally a cookbook that I don't want to tweak every recipe. The recipes found here are farily simple and use mainly whole foods and quality preperations.

I'm a girl who likes to see a picture of what I am making of which there are very few in this book.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

I am a huge fan of Michael Pollan. His no nonsense practical approch to food is refreshing.  You will see more books of his on my shelf. This is his latest and no disappointment. A great presective on how essental it is to actually cook to maintain, health and longevity. Again, like Dan Barber, he takes you on a food journey across time and county. Food is my greatest love and I fell in love all over again within these pages.


Food Matters: The Recipe Book.

This book is from the same people who are responsible for the Food Matters and Hungry for Change documentaries. The first cookbook that I ever came across where I had to change nothing! It is super straight forward, simple food. They even soak, ferment and sprout.  There are not many recipes but a nice variety of salads, soups, mains and treats. Even a few real food beauty recipes in the back. You can order this on the Food Matters website and I believe there is a pdf. version on line.

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